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    In this article, we have collected some links to various guides and articles that quickly and easily let you get started and create great and fun content.

    If you have more questions and concerns, you are welcome to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you! You can reach us fast as lightning through chat on our website, email and phone, in both Swedish, English and Norwegian.

    Mail: support@playipp.com

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    Start by installing PLAYipps software on your screen. Regardless of whether you have chosen our external media player (PLAYport) or a screen with a built-in media player, you will find an article with shortcuts to our installation guides under the button below. Pick and choose, but choose right!

    Install PLAYipp Digital Signage

    Log in

    Once you have been assigned your account, it's time to log in and start making yourself comfortable. 


    Create new layout

    Once you have logged into PLAYipp you will be greated by our walkthrough guide called Quickstart. In a few steps you are shown how to set up a screen layout and connect it to a place and screen of your choosing. 

    Add screen layout from template


    Once you have installed your screen, it is time to activate it using your activation code. Here you will find a guide on how to do it!

    Activate signage screen


    Now that you have logged in, it is time to start feeling like a fish in the sea or like a hand in the glove, choose yourself. Here you will find a guide to how to start publishing such wonderful and inspiring content that you know your employees will rejoice over!

    How to add content to your screen

    Or you can feast your eyes upon this short film where we show you how to publish that fine content of yours to your digital information screens.

    Our lovely voice-actor in the film is speaking Swedish, but if you activate subtitles to you bottom right in the Youtube-bar you get some english-subs coming your way! 


    If you have bought a whole bunch of screens, it is smart to set up a structure to keep track of where the screen is and what content they should show. In this guide we show you how to get started!

    Screen structure

    FAQ and stuff

    Under this button we have listed the answers to the most common questions we get. We know that you are the kind of person who likes to fix and solve things yourself, so here we have collected our best tips and tricks!

    (Should it hit the fan anyways, just call our name, and we'll be there!)