Installation of PLAYport HD

    1. Plug In your Media player. It needs to be connected to the monitor with HDMI and a power source. If you choose to have a wired network connection, connect the cable to the player now and proceed to step 7.
    2. Now you need to configure the wireless network. To do this launch PLAYipp network manager by connecting an external keyboard to your Media player USB-port and press F2 on the keyboard
      Navigate through the on screen options by pressing the Tab, Arrows and Enter keys on your keyboard.
    3. Choose Wireless. 
    4. Choose the Wi-Fi network that you want to connect to by navigating to SSID and pressing enter.
    5. Enter a password if it is required
    6. Press F5 on the keyboard to save and exit Network manager.
    7. The media player will start up and show 3 circles. If the circles are green then the unit have connection to PLAYipps servers. If the circles are red you need to check you network credentials. If 3 green circles still don't appear you need to troubleshoot your network connection. See a troubleshooting guide here

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