Installation of PLAYport HD

    1. Plug in your PLAYport media player.
      The player needs to be connected to the screen via HDMI and a power source.
      If you choose to have a wired network connection, plug the network cable into the player now and proceed to activate the display here: Activate signage screen

    2. Configure wireless network
      You now need to configure the wireless network. To do this, you need to start Network manager. You do this by connecting a keyboard to the media player's USB input and clicking F2 on the keyboard.

    3. Select Wireless.
      (To navigate the menus, use Tab, the arrow keys and Enter.

    4. Select the network.
      Select the network you want to connect to by highlighting the SSID and clicking enter.

    5. Enter password
      Go down to password and enter the password if required on the network.

    6. Save the settings
      Press F5 on the keyboard to save and exit Network manager.

      The media player will now restart and connect to the network. Read on in Activate Signage Screens to see how to activate your media player.
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