Rooms - Google calendar setup

  • To be able to connect your Rooms screen with your Google Calendar you need to be admin on your Google Workspace account

    1. Sign in to Google Cloud Platform
    2. Click on "IAM & Admin" and choose "Create a new project", name the project and click  "Create".
    3. Choose the project by clicking the arrow beside  the "Google Cloud Platform" text and navigate to APIs & Services > Library"
    4. Activate “Google Calendar API” And “ADMIN SDK API” by searching for them and click  "Enable"
    5. Navigate to IAM & Admin > Service Accounts
    6. Create a new service account by clicking on "Create service account"
    7. Go to the settings for the newly created service account by clicking the 3 dots under action on the right hand side, Click on "Manage details" and choose "Keys", Click on "Add key" and "Create new key" Save the file In JSON
    8. Download the file and save it for later. 

    Activate Google Workspace Domain-wide Delegation for the service account:

    1. Sign in to Google Cloud Platform
    2. Navigate to "IAM & Admin"
    3. Choose the newly created Service account.
    4. Copy your Oauth 2 Client ID
    5. Sign in to Google Admin Console
    6. Go to Security > access and data control > Api controls
    7. Click on "Manage domain wide delegation."
    8. Click on "Add new" 
    9. Paste your Client ID that we copied in step 4
    10. Paste the following links under scopes:


    Create buildings and meeting rooms

    If you don't have meeting rooms you can create them by following this guide

     Connect to the calendar in the web interface

    1. Click on  "Rooms" in the menu.
    2. Choose  "Google Kalender"
      Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 14.23.42.png
    3. Fill in the Google Administrator mail adress and attach the JSON File that you downloaded earlier
    4. You now need to verify your account.  Copy the link shown on the page
    5. Go to "Google Search Console" in the browser and paste the link you copied and press Continuegoogle-setup6.png
    6. Download the HTML file that you will get by clicking on it
      Don't close this webpage! You will need it soon
    7. Upload the HTML file to PLAYipp and press "next step".
    8. Go back to "Google Search Console" and click in "Verify"
    9. If "ownership Verified" is displayed the connection is established
    10. Go back to PLAYipp and finish the setup