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  • Are you a company admin in PLAYipp and want full control of your licenses? Look no further!
    You will find the page under the Administration menu in the main menu.

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    Here you can choose to show your licenses in a list or a grid view. Regardless of the type of listing you choose, the same information about the licenses will be displayed.

    List view. 

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    Grid view.

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    The list / grid will sort your licenses by renewal date, so the licenses that are closest to renewal will be at the top. They also change color as licenses approach expiration dates.

    • If the license is marked as green you don't have to worry. Everything works as it should!
    • If the license is marked as orange, it means that your license is about to expire. The orange color means that you have 2 months left on the license.
    • If the license is red, it means that the license's time period has expired and in order to continue using your digital signage screen, you need to renew the license.
      To renew the license, contact your reseller. In the sidebar you see the phone number of your reseller. If you have bought your license directly from us, you are welcome to contact us and we will help you! Contact us here.

      If the license was purchased with auto renewal, the license will be renewed automatically if it has not been canceled 3 months before renewal. If your license is auto-renewed, it will not change color but will remain green.

    You can also sort the list by number, reference, item, renewal date, order number, marking, reseller and contact.

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    The sidebar on the right shows the number of licenses you have purchased and how many have been activated for the screen. There you will also find more information about your license and which reseller you have.

    You can only activate the same number of screens as you have licenses. It is not possible to activate a screen without a license. 

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