Installation of Samsung SSSP4 & SSSP5

  • Note!
    First you need to verify which screen you have to find the correct guide. You can find a list with all the supported screens here.

    Choose to install the screen with either only the remote control or you can also connect a keyboard for faster writing. 

    1. Choose language
    2. Choose rotation
    3. Turn off auto power off
    4. Connect to a wireless or wired network.
    5. Set the date and time
    6. Choose play via URL-launcher.
      If you do not find the URL launcher, follow these steps:
      - Select System menu.
      - Select Play via.
      - Select URL Launcher Settings.
    7. Enter the URL:
    8. You can name the media player if you want it it to have a specific name in the network.
      Otherwise go forward with the default name.
    9. Start the URL-Launcher
    10. The PLAYipp software is installed and updated.
    11. At startup the screen will display three green circles if the player have an internet connection. If three red circles appears then there is no internet connection. Click here to follow our troubleshooting guide.

      When the software has started the activation code will be displayed on the screen.

      Read the article about Activation code for instructions on how to activate the media player.