Installation of LG WebOS 6.0

  • First you need to verify which screen you have to find the correct guide. You can find a list with all the supported screens here.

    Before installing your screen with the PLAYipp software, you must first set the correct network and time for the screen. This needs to be done in order for the media player to authenticate correctly to our server and be able to download files.


    Make sure to update the Firmware on the screen before installing the playipps app, otherwise there is a risk that the screen will break during installation.

    Firmware for 49/55XF3E, 49/55/75XS2E, 49/55XS4F models:

    Firmwares for the rest of webos 6.0 screens: 

    Firmware Update:

    1. Download the firmware file above (.epk).
    2. Copy or move the file to a folder named "LG_MONITOR" on a usb memory
    3. Insert in the USB memory with the file in the screen, An update should start automatically.
      If it does not start, you can go into the settings and click on general. Then click on button 7 seven times.
    4. After the screen installs the new firmware, the screen will restart.

    Install the playipps app:

    1. Start the screen.
    2. Choose quick start
    3. Enter the following settings:
      Screen rotation, choose between landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) depending on the setup.
      Time and date
      Auto power = off
    4. Choose go to settings
    5. Connect to a network
      If Ethernet shall be used connect the cable on the back of the screen and verify that the screen have a network connection. You can verify that you have a connection from the menu. Settings > General > Network.
      To connect to wifi:
      1. Navigate to Settings > General > Network > Wi-Fi Connection
      2. Select network
      3. Enter a password if needed
      4. Once the screen is connected proceed to the next step.
    6. Choose Settings > Ez-settings > SI-servers settings SI-servers settings
    7. Enter the following settings:
      Fully qualified domain name = ON
      Application launch mode = Local
      Application type = ipk
    8. Choose Local application upgrade = remote
    9. Confirm the app update
    10. Press Ok when the update is complete
    11. Reboot the screen
    12. At startup the screen will display three green circles if the player have an internet connection. If three red circles appears then there is no internet connection. If so, click here to follow our troubleshooting guide.

      After the PLAYipp software has started the activation code will be displayed on the screen.
      Read the article about Activation code for instructions on how to activate the media player.