Installation of Philips 4550D & 3550Q

  • To install PLAYipp software on Philips screens, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Launch the screen and select the language.

    2. Select options for securityoptions or skip this step. 

    3. Select the “skip” on the Signage screen settings page.

    4. Select the network type and connect to the network.
    5. Select the “skip” option on the Clone Media Flies to Internal page.

    6. Congratulations! You can now choose to end the first guide.

    7. Press the Home button and then 1 + 8 + 8 + 8 on the remote control.

    8. Select Apps and then Chromium.

    9. Then enter the web address in the on-screen browser.

    10. The website ( can detect device type automatically for most models, otherwise a list of possible device types will be displayed where you can select the device type yourself. The website can for example not differentiate between Philips 4150D and 4051D, where the two alternative models are displayed and you get to choose between these two. For other 'unknown' devices, other possible models with built-in players from Philips are shown.

      To select an option, use the number buttons on the remote control.

    11. Press OK on your remote control to start the download.
      To shift the focus to the text, you need to press the Adjust button once. The text "Tap OK on your remote ..." will now start flashing on the screen to indicate that the focus is correct.

    12. Press the OK button on your remote to download our app.

    13. Chromium may ask for your permission to download files from this site. Select “OK” to continue the download.

    14. A pop-up box will appear at the bottom of the screen where you need to accept the download of the app. Press the Download button.

      To focus on the OK Button, you first need to go back one step in the browser. Use the Back button on the remote control. Then press the down arrow button until the focus is on cancel, then the right arrow key to move the focus to the Download button. Press OK to continue.

    15. Use the return button on your remote to close your browser.

    16. Select Homescreen.

    17. Enter the numbers 1-8-8-8.

    18. Select Storage.

    19. Select Internal.

    20. Select Download

    21. Open the file “com.playipp.bootstrap”.

    22. A new popup box will appear, confirm the installation by clicking on Install in your right corner. 

    23. Now the PLAYipp app will download and install our app.

    24. When the installation is done you will come back to the file manager.

    25. Use the Back button on the remote control to close the file manager.

    26. Select settings in the menu, select Signage screen, select Custom App, select Select app, select PLAYippLauncher and then click Save.

    27. Click the Source button on the remote control and select Custom.

    28. Set power save mode. Select Home on the remote control, then Advanced selection, then select Power save mode and select Mode 3.

    29. Use the Back button on the remote control to close the settings.

    30. If the media player is activated in PLAYipp, the content to be displayed will be downloaded and then displayed on the screen. If it is not activated in PLAYipp, the activation code is displayed on the screen.