Microsoft Sharepoint

  • With the integration with Microsoft SharePoint, you can display content from Sharepoint lists on your digital screens from PLAYipp. To create integration, you only need to follow the steps presented below.

    1. Have an account

      To create an integration, you must already have an account with Microsoft and follow the SharePoint page you want to download content from.  

    2. Choose Integrations in the mainmenu
      Menu Integrations can only the person who is admin for the company account see. Are you not an admin but still want to make an integration? Contact your admin or us and we will help you!

    3. Authenticate & log in
      When you have selected the service you want to integrate with, you need to authenticate each service by clicking on the Authenticate account button, then you are asked to log in to the account you want to display on screen.
      Skärmavbild 2021-03-16 kl. 16.17.19 (1).png

    4. Add source
      After you have logged in to the account you want to display on screen, you need to add the lists you want to be able to display on the screens as the source. The available sources are displayed in the list on the left and then consist of the lists from SharePoint pages that the user follows. Click the plus icon to add it as a source in PLAYipp.
    5. Create folders
      After you have chosen which sources to use, you then need to select what information is what in the retrieval of data so that your posts are displayed exactly as you want them to be. When you have clicked on Needs mapping, you can choose in the drop-down menu which columns in your list should be e.g. title, body text and images in the post. Title is thus the title of the post and Body is the rest of the content.
    6. Publish to your PLAYipp Digital Signage

      Now the integration for Microsoft Sharepoint is ready to be published as a widget in PLAYipp Digital Signage. Select the widget for Feeds.