The screen turns off after loading PLAYipp

  • "After the initial startup of a media player the media player will reach the PLAYipp health status screen with the three circles and then it turns off"

    The following solutions can solve this issue:

    1. Power save mode is activated on the screen.
      If you have power saving mode activated, the screen will switch off.
      Control with the remote if there is a power saving mode scheduled.

    2. The power save mode is activated in PLAYipp manager.
      If you have an active schedule for power saving mode in PLAYipp manager the monitor will turn of after the three circles is shown on the screen.
      Control that there is no active power saving mode scheduled on the location inside PLAYipp manager.
      Read more about power save mode in PLAYipp manager here. 

    3. Media player has no screen location and layout connected to it.
      For the media player to download and display any information you need to connect it to a screen location and layout. 
      Control in screens > List media players that there is a screen location and layout connected to the media player. Identify the media player using the Screen ID (you will also find this on the actual media player and on the box)
      The Screen ID have the format xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx and consists of both numbers and letters. 

    4. The playlist is empty.
      Go to the screen location that the media player is connected to and control that there is active objects in at least one area. 
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