The screen says "NO SIGNAL"

  • "My screen is black, it only shows a message that it can't find a source or no signal"

    The following solutions can solve the issue above.

    1. The screen is turned on, but the media player is not.
      (Only applies to our external media players PLAYport and PLAYbox)
      Control that the external media player is turned on. There should be a LED light indicating it is on. If there is no light on try turning the unit off and on again by unplugging the power cord and then reinstalling it.

    2. The cable between the external media player and the screen is not properly plugged in or may be broken.

    3. The screen has the wrong input source.
      Change the source on the monitor. To change source use the Input, Source, Or Menu -button on the remote. You may have to cycle through a few sources before finding the correct one. (e.g. HDMI1, HDMI2, etc.)