The screen says "NO SIGNAL"

  • "My screen doesn't show an image, only a message that says it can't find a signal"

    If your screen shows a similar error message, it is usually due to one of 3 things:

    1. The screen is on, but the media player is not.
      (Applies only if you have one of our external media players PLAYport)
      Make sure the media player is running. There is a small led light that lights up on the player. If it doesn't light up, try restarting it by unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in. you can also test the player in another screen to make sure it works.

    2. The screen is set to display the wrong image source.
      Change source on screen. This is done through the Input, Source or menu button on the remote control. You may have to browse between several sources before you find the right one (HDMI1, HDMI2, etc.).

    3. The screen has stopped working.
      If the player works (the easiest is to test plugging it into another screen) but not in this screen. Try connecting another device to the screen to see if you can get the screen to work then.
      If you still can't get the screen to work after these steps, the screen must be broken. Then contact the screen manufacturer or supplier to review the warranty status.
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