My screen has been disabled.

  • It may happen that you get an error message on your screen that the license has expired or that the screen was been disabled. If this happens, there is no active license connected with your screen. This may be because someone has removed the license from the screen or the license period has expired and not been renewed.

    Start by checking if there is a available license that the screen shall use. You do this under Administration > Licenses.

    You can read more about the license view here:

    Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 15.18.34.png

    If you have a active licens that you want to connect to you screen you can follow these steps:

    1. Click "Signage",0&br_px=1343,755&sharp=0.8&width=560&wat_scale=50&wat=1&wat_opacity=1&wat_gravity=northwest&wat_url=,92

    2. Click “Screen list,12&br_px=746,432&sharp=0.8&width=560&wat_scale=50&wat=1&wat_opacity=1&wat_gravity=northwest&wat_url=,139

    3. Click on the 3 dots on your unit,143&br_px=3359,898&sharp=0.8&width=560&wat_scale=50&wat=1&wat_opacity=1&wat_gravity=northwest&wat_url=,139

    4. Click "Settings",145&br_px=3359,900&sharp=0.8&width=560&wat_scale=50&wat=1&wat_opacity=1&wat_gravity=northwest&wat_url=,139

    5. Click “Subscriptions”,554&br_px=1343,1309&sharp=0.8&width=560&wat_scale=50&wat=1&wat_opacity=1&wat_gravity=northwest&wat_url=,139

    6. Choose the subscription that you want to connect the screen to,964&br_px=1560,1719&sharp=0.8&width=560&wat_scale=50&wat=1&wat_opacity=1&wat_gravity=northwest&wat_url=,139

    7. Click on "Screen active",0&br_px=1478,755&sharp=0.8&width=560&wat_scale=50&wat=1&wat_opacity=1&wat_gravity=northwest&wat_url=,33

    8. Click "Save",1079&br_px=3203,1834&sharp=0.8&width=560&wat_scale=50&wat=1&wat_opacity=1&wat_gravity=northwest&wat_url=,139

      The screen is now activated and will resume to show the content that is published.
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