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Screens with support for PLAYipp rooms
* Followed screens/media players are supported to run PLAYipps rooms. NOTE: if you are looking for which screens support PLAYipp signage, you will find them here: Supported PLAYin screens Manufacturer Model Installation guide Philips 4151T Installation of Philips 4151T & 4051T  Philips 4551T Installation of Philips 4551T  Philips 3051T Installation of Philips 3051T  Samsung QB13R-T Installation of Samsung SSSP6  PLAYipp PLAYport Installation of PLAYport HD
Rooms - Google calendar setup
To be able to connect PLAYipp Rooms with your Google Calendar you need to be admin on your Google Workspace account 1. Sign in to Google Cloud Platform 2. Click on "IAM & Admin" and choose "Create a new project", name the project and click  "Create". 3. Choose the project by clicking the arrow beside  the "Google Cloud Platform" text and navigate to APIs & Services > Library" 4. Activate “Google Calendar API” And “ADMIN SDK API” by searching for them and click  "Enable" 5. Navigate to IAM & Admin > Service Accounts 6. Create a new service account by clicking on "Create service account" 7. Go to the settings for the newly created service account by clicking the 3 dots under action on the right hand side, Click on "Manage details" and choose "Keys", Click on "Add key" and "Create new key" Save the file In JSON format. 8. Download the file and save it for later.  Activate Google Workspace Domain-wide Delegation for the service account: 1. Sign in to Google Cloud Platform 2. Navigate to "IAM & Admin" 3. Choose the newly created Service account. 4. Copy your Oauth 2 Client ID 5. Sign in to Google Admin Console 6. Go to Security > access and data control > Api controls 7. Click on "Manage domain wide delegation." 8. Click on "Add new"  9. Paste your Client ID that we copied in step 4 10. Paste the following links under scopes: "https://www.googleapis.com/auth/calendar, https://www.googleapis.com/auth/admin.directory.resource.calendar, https://www.googleapis.com/auth/admin.directory.user.readonly" Create buildings and meeting rooms If you don't have meeting rooms you can create them by following this guide  Connect to the calendar in the web interface 1. Click on  "Rooms" in the menu. 2. Choose  "Google Kalender" 3. Fill in the Google Administrator mail adress and attach the JSON File that you downloaded earlier 4. You now need to verify your account.  Copy the link shown on the page 5. Go to "Google Search Console" in the browser and paste the link you copied and press Continue 6. Download the HTML file that you will get by clicking on it Don't close this webpage! You will need it soon 7. Upload the HTML file to PLAYipp and press "next step". 8. Go back to "Google Search Console" and click in "Verify" 9. If "ownership Verified" is displayed the connection is established    10. Go back to PLAYipp and finish the setup. To activate your screen follow this guide Activare rooms screen 
Rooms - Microsoft Calendar Setup
In order to connect your Rooms screens with Microsoft Calendar you must be an admin for your Microsoft organisation. ATTENTION! It may be an hour or so before the rooms appear as selectable rooms in our system after you have created the connection. This is a limitation in Microsoft's API that makes it take a long time. To create a connection to your Microsoft environment, follow these steps: 1. Click on "Rooms" in the menu and select "Microsoft calendar"  2. Log in with your Microsoft admin account.  3. Read through the text and click on "Accept"  4. The connection is now completed. You can now select a room when you activate a screen by following this guide: Activate Rooms screen  If you don't have any rooms for your Microsoft Calendar you can add them by following this guide.  
Activate Rooms screen
After you've connected your Rooms integration to either Google calendar or Microsoft calendar. You can activate your rooms screen.  There is 2 alternatives to activate your screens: 1. Activate now with activation code.  If you have a activation code from the screen and can sign in to PLAYipp you can activate the screen from your computer. (Note! The activation code is only valid for 2 hours, after 2 hours a new code will be displayed) 2. Prepare for installation with a installation code With installation codes you can prepare so it is easier to activate the screen on site. The installation codes are matched with the activation code from a webpage in your phone to activate the screen. These codes can for example be sent to the electritian that shall install the screen. Then the person can activate the screen without signing in to PLAYipp. Both of the options can be found inder Rooms in the mail menu. Activate now 1. Click on Add screens 2. Click on Activate now 3. Fill in the following information: * The activation code that is displayed on the screen (Note: The code is only valid for 2 hours, after 2 hours a new code is displayed)  * Write a name for the screen (This can help identifiy the screen if you have more screens connected to the same room) * Choose the room that the screen shall be connected to. * Choose the subscription that the screen shall be conneted to.  4. Click on add screen 5. The screen is now a activated and will be added to the screen list and will soon display the bookings in the room. The screen may restart a few times to update the software.    Prepare for installation Are your screens not activated yet, or perhaps you're waiting for someone to install them? You can prepare for the activation by giving the screen a name, connecting it to a room and subscrition. You will then get a installation code that you can mail or send to the person that shall activate the screen. The installation codes will be matched with the activation code that is displayed on the screen to activate the screen.  1. Click on Add screens 2. Click on Prepare for installation 3. Fill in the following information: * Write a name for the screen (This can help identifiy the screen if you have multiple screens connected to the same room) * Choose the room that the screen shall be connected to. * Choose the subscription that the screen shall be conneted to.  4. Choose which email addresses that shall have a copy ot the installation codes. These can be sent to the persons that shall install and activate the screens 5. Click on Add screens After you have prepared the screens for installation they will be avaible in the screen list under in the tab pending activations. Here you can see the name, room and installation code and subscription for the screen. When the installation code is used it will be removed from pending activations and moved to active screens. Activate screens with installation code If you have a installation code you can activate the screen direct from you phone. If the screen is installed and ready for activation you will be greeted by this picture. Note! The QR and activation codes on the images are just examples. 1. You now have 2 options to access the activation page 1. Scan the QR code displayed on the screen with you phone. 2. Open the webbrowser on your phone and go this page: https://signage.playipp.com/screen-activation/activate-screen 2. Fill in the installation and activation code. (If you scan the QR- code the activation code is already filled in and you only need to fill in the installation code) 3. Click on activate. 4. Make sure the information is correct and click yes The screen is now activated and will be added to your screens. It will soon show meetings from the connected rooms. The screen can restart a few times to update the software.